Canon Selphy Series Setup - Wireless Settings

The present write up has been planned to aid our readers with the connection procedure of wireless Canon Selphy series for Windows and Mac operating system.

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Here is a stepwise procedure to connect Canon Selphy series to the wifi network.

Get to know the easiest way to connect your Canon Selphy -printer series to WiFi network.

  • Begin by pressing the WiFi button using the arrow keys and select “via wifi network” option. Thereafter, select “Search for an access point”.

selphy 1

selphy 2

  • Here at this step the printer will search for WiFi networks in the vicinity.
  • User would have to select their network and select “Edit” button. Thereafter, enter your WiFi password using the “Edit” button.

selphy 3

selphy 4

  • Now, enter your WiFi password and hit “OK” button to confirm the connection.
  • Once the connection is established, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  • Now your Canon Selphy printer has been established on your wireless network connection.

selphy 5

Setup Canon Selphy Wireless Printer Series on Windows

That’s how you got to connect your Canon Selphy CP wireless printer on Windows.

  • Before beginning the procedure check the access point and conform if it is ON and ready for communication.
  • From your Canon Selphy printer remove any inserted memory cards or USB flash drives.
  • Now, insert a loaded paper cassette and an ink cassette in the Canon Selphy printer.
  • Now at this step, access the setting screen. To do the same press the “Menu” button. Thereafter, select the brackets button to select the WiFi settings and again press the bracket button.

selphy 10

selphy 9

  • In continuation to the above step, press the “Connection settings” button and hit the enclosed bracket button.

selphy 8

  • Here, check the displayed printer name and press the enclosed bracket button. You may also change the printer name by clicking on the “Edit” option.
  • Now, choose the connection method by selecting “Via wifi network”. Thereafter select “WPS connection” link and click “PBC Method” option and press OK.

selphy 7

selphy 6

  • At this step, hold the WPS connection button on the access point for a few seconds.

selphy 11

  • As for the last step, establish the connection following the onscreen instructions and you are through the process!

Install the Canon Selphy Printer Driver:

  • Firstly visit on Canon website and find your Canon series printer model number. Then download the driver.

selphy 12

  • Once software is downloaded, double click the file to install it on the Windows PC.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions on the installation setup and click ‘Yes’ on the License Agreement. Select the Connection mode > Use with a wireless network >Next.

selphy 13

  • On the next screen, Select your Canon Selphy printer model and then click on ‘Next’.

selphy 14

Now you can use Canon Selphy wireless printer on Windows System very easily.

Setup Canon Selphy - Series Wireless Printer on MAC

Get to know the most easy way to connect your Canon Selphy wireless printer to Mac.

  • Firstly, conform that your Canon Selphy is connected to the access point.
  • Here, check for the MAC settings as mentioned in the previous section pertaining to Canon Selphy wireless connection to Windows.
  • Then, download the driver from Canon Website by choosing your model number and MAC OS version.
  • Before the installation process, MAC will ask for your installer helper User name and Password.
  • Enter the MAC installer helper details and continue following the instruction on the screen. Choose the wireless connection method and press next.
  • From the next prompt screen, choose your Selphy model number. If your printer is not visible on the search screen, check the MAC network settings and if applicable, switch from a public network to a private network.
  • Then, click ‘Next’ and now your printer has been successfully added in your MAC PC.
  • Access the printing dialog box by starting the photo software, starting images to print and accessing the printing dialog box. Thereafter, select “Canon Selphy Series printer “ as the destination printer.
  • Here carefully choose the printing options and hit the print option.

Conclusion – Hope the write up comes to your best advantage when connecting your Canon Selphy series printer to various media.


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