Canon Pixma Series Wireless Setup & Installation

This guide has been planned to help our readers with the procedure to perform the Canon Pixma series wireless printer setup.

Canon Pixma Driver Download & Wireless Printer Setup on Windows

Here is how you can perform Canon Pixma All Series wireless setup on Windows.

  • First of all, ensure that the router is available and properly connected and must be turn on.
  • Confirm your computer is connected to the network, properly plugged in, turned on, and the green light next to the power button is on.
  • Here if the power light flashes press the “Start” button. Thereafter press and hold the network button, press it until the wireless icon flashes.


  • The user might see the “Blue” button on the printing system.. Thereafter press and hold the WPS button on the wireless router. This action should be done within two minutes of activating the WPS on the printer.


  • Once the wireless icon and signal bar on the printer’s display screen appear simultaneously the printer is connected to the wireless router.
  • Here user needs to install the software by typing “” in the URL  and find your pixma model number and follow the onscreen instructions to install and download the software.
  • Open the downloaded file on the computer.
  • Hit click on “Start Setup”.Thereafter select on “Place of residence” and click “Next” .Click “Next” on the License Agreement screen.

start setup

place of residence

  • Check the connection method screen and click “Yes” to continue with the wireless setup. Thereafter the driver would be installed which will take a few minutes.

wireless setup

  • Now load a plain paper once the Printhead Alignment screen appears and click the “Start” option. Carefully follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Hit “Next” once the Print head alignment completes.
  • Click “Start” on the Test Print window that appears next and hit “Start” if you wish to perform a test print.
  • Hit “Next” and your Canon Pixma printer wireless setup on Windows will complete.

Canon Pixma Printer Wired Setup On Windows

That’s how you can perform Canon Pixma printer setup on Windows using the USB cable.

  • Confirm your computer is properly plugged in, turned on, and the green light next to the power button is on.
  • Install and download the software from the official Canon website.
  • Now open the downloaded file from the computer.
  • Click on “Start Setup” which might take a few minutes. Click on “Agree” on the License Agreement screen that opens. Thereafter carefully follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Click and select the “USB Connection” option from the “Select connection method” screen and hit “Next”.

wireless setup

  • Here click “Next” to confirm if the printer is turned on.
  • Now the software will look for the printer already connected. Select the name of your printer from the displayed printers’ list and hit “Next”.
  • Now once prompted connect the usb cable from printer to computer and keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you see the connection completion screen hit the “Next” option.
  • Here the driver will be installed and the printer alignment screen will be displayed.
  • Load the plain paper into the printer tray and hit the “Execute” option to start the printer alignment process. Thereafter keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • As the last step perform the test print and hit “Next” and your printer will be successfully connected to Windows computer via the usb cable.

Canon Pixma Series Wireless Setup On Mac

That’s how you can perform Canon Pixma series wireless setup on Mac.

  • Confirm that the wifi setup is in a working state and your Mac Os is connected to the network.
  • Make sure that the green light of the printer is turned on, to start with the entire procedure.
  • Now in order to install the software, download the installation file from
  • Follow the link given on the screen to download it to the MacOs.
  • Open the downloaded file on the computer to get started.
  • Now on the opening screen review the information and click “Next”.
  • Enter the administrative name and address of your Mac computer and click “Install” and then click on “Next”.


  • Select the Wireless connection method (WAN) and click “Next”.

wireless setup

  • Select the access point connection and click “Next”. Here the software will search for the connected printing device
  • On the next screen select, “Cableless setup” as the most suitable connection method and click “Next”.

Cableless setup

  • Select your place of residence and again click “Next”.
  • Now here Software Installation screen will appear, select the particular software that you wish to install, and click “Next”.
  • Now on the License Agreement screen, select “Yes” to continue with the installation process. Wait patiently for some minutes till software installation process completes.
  • Now add your printer, by selecting “Add” after choosing your printing device


  • Keep following the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  • Make a test print if you wish to, otherwise skip it by clicking on “Next”.
  • Finally, “Installation completed successfully” screen will appear, click “Exit” to finish with the process.

Congratulations! Your MacOs is now successfully connected to your Canon printing device.

Conclusion – 

Hope the writeup provides you with the best help in performing Canon Pixma series wireless setup. Keep reading this space to know more about the latest updates in technology

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