Connect Canon Maxify Series Printer to Wireless Network

Follow these easy to perform steps to connect your Canon Maxify printer series to your wireless network.

  • Firstly, Unbox your printer carefully and load paper and ink in it. Thereafter turn on the power button of the printer present on its top corner.
  • Make sure that your printer is not midway any cleaning functioning before beginning the configuration process.
  • Click on the “Home” button and look for the LAN settings option with the help of the navigation keys.

Lan Settings

  • Click and select the “WPS” setup option from the options provided.
  • Tap the “OK” from the next screen. Thereafter tap and hold the WPS button on the wireless router.

tap and hold the WPS button on the wireless router

  • In continuation with the previous step tap the “OK” option on your printer.
  • Here the user will receive a successful connection message. Tap “OK” and you are through the setup process!

Download Printer Drive - Canon Maxify Series

These steps will guide you to download the driver for your Canon Maxify printer series.

  • Begin by opening a web browser. Thereafter in the URL of the web browser enter “” that will take you to the printer setup window.
  • Now on the right-hand side of the newly opened screen tap on the “Setup” option that will directly take you to the product selection window.
  • Now the user will be required to enter their printer model number  and click the “Go” tab.

select model

  • Now choose the operating system (which is signified by an inverted triangle) present on the upper right corner of the screen once you reach the Driver download window.

choose OS

  • Select the desired os from among the options in the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the “Download” option and the downloading process will start which may take a few minutes.
  • Once the downloading finishes, you may then begin the installation process as detailed in the next section.

Printer Driver Installation - Canon Maxify Series

  • Begin by connecting your system to the wireless network, the same network that you have connected your printer with.
  • Visit the ‘Downloads” folder and look for the downloaded software you had just downloaded in the previous section.
  • Here click the “Language” tab present at the bottom of the screen and choose the language of your choice from the provided list.
  • Now hit the “Start Setup” tab. Thereafter when prompted select your country or region from the provided list and hit “Next”.

start setup

  • Now the user will come across the “License Agreement “ screen. Read that carefully and if you agree to all the conditions, hit the ‘Yes” tab.

click on licence agreement canon maxify

  • Click the checkbox next to “Deactivate the block option”. Thereafter hit the ‘Next” option.
  • Here on the Connection method screen, choose “Wireless LAN connection” options from the other given options and hit the “Next” link.
  • As the last step to finish the procedure, select the “Access point “ connection option and you are through the process!

Wireless Setup on Windows & MAC - Canon Maxify Series

Confirm that the wifi setup is in a working state and your  Device(Windows or MAC) is connected to the network.

  • Make sure that the green light of the printer is turned on, to start with the entire procedure.


  • Now in order to install the software, download the installation file from
  • Follow the link given on the screen to download it to the device.
  • Open the downloaded file on the computer to get started.
  • Now on the opening screen review the information and click “Next”.
  • If you are using windows PC there will no need to use any system admin password simply click on next and , if you are using MAC OS PC you need to Enter the administrative name and address of your Mac computer and click “Install” and then click on “Next”.


  • Select the Wireless connection method (WAN) and click “Next”

wireless setup

  • Select the access point connection and click “Next”. Here the software will search for the connected printing device
  • On the next screen select, “Cableless setup” as the most suitable connection method and click “Next”.

select cableless connection in canon

  • Select your place of residence and again click “Next”.

place of residence

  • Now here Software Installation screen will appear, select the particular software that you wish to install, and click “Next”.
  • Now on the License Agreement screen, select “Yes” to continue with the installation process. Wait patiently for some minutes till software installation process completes.
  • Now add your printer, by selecting “Add” after choosing your printing device
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  • Make a test print if you wish to, otherwise skip it by clicking on “Next”.
  • Finally, “Installation completed successfully” screen will appear, click “Exit” to finish with the process.

Congratulations! Your MacOs is now successfully connected to your Canon printing device.

Conclusion – As  Discussed from the above process, we hope it will help you to setup wireless connection on windows and MAC for Canon Maxify series printer.

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