Canon imageClass Series Wireless Setup & Installation

Here we have prepared this writeup to help you with the answers regarding connecting and setting up of Canon ImageClass series printer.

Canon ImageClass Series printer Setup with Wireless Network

  • First of all ensure that your printer is turned on and the main screen is working. Thereafter from the Operational panel press the menu button.
  • Now from the screen of the printer select “Network settings” from the list by pressing the down arrow key.
  • Choose “Wireless Lan Settings” from the given options and click “OK”button from the operational panel of the printer.

WLAN Settings

  • Select SSID settings from the LAN settings screen and then select “Access point” and hit “OK”.

select SSID

  • The system will now start searching for the available networks. From among the list of networks, choose your desired network and type the wifi password.
  • Ensure that you type the wifi password from the keys of the printer’s operational panel and hit “ok”.


  • On the next screen which asks if you wish to connect using new settings , click “Yes” and press “OK”.
  • Here the process of printer being connected to the wireless network will start which may take a few minutes.
  • Once the connection establishes, the user will receive the connected screen and you will be through the process!

Download Canon ImageClass Series Printer driver.

  • Open a web browser and open canon driver support which will open a new window on the screen.
  • Enter your printer model name i.e “Canon Image Class series“ in the product model field and hit the “GO” button.
  • Now go to the “Deriver and Downloads” sections and select the operating system of your choice.
  • Here select the Drivers tab . Thereafter click on the “Select” button present under the “Recommended Drivers” section which will show the user a red “Download” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button. Ensure that you do not close the window till the downloading finishes.

Installation - Canon ImageClass Series Printer

  • Locate the installed file from the “Downloads” folder.
  • Double click on the file name to start the installation process. Click “Yes” on the “User Control “ window and proceed to the next step.
  • Select your desired language from the “Setup wizard” screen and hit the Next button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now click “Yes” on the Canon software license agreement screen once you read them all and agree to it.
  • The user will now be required to select the connection type. Here for the wireless connection click the network connection option. Also, ensure that your computer is connected to the same network as the printer.
  • The system will now start searching for the available networks. From among the list of networks, choose your desired network. Once your printer gets detected select your printer and hit the “Next” button.
  • Now from the Select Driver window select the printer driver as per your printer’s preference by checking the provided box and hitting the “Next” button.
  • Here at this step user would be required to check all the printer details such as printer name, driver , port, etc from the “Confirm settings “ window.
  • Now the user will be required to click on the “Start” button by which the setup program will start installing the printer driver. Here user needs to be quite patient as the process might take a few minutes.
  • The user will be taken to the Set default printer window once the installation finishes. The screen will show all the installed devices from which a device has to be selected as the default printer from the list.
  • Now the user may run a test print if wish to otherwise can hit the “Next” button and you are through the installation process!

Wireless Setup on Windows & MAC - Canon ImageClass Series Printer

Here are the steps to be followed to install and setup your Canon ImageClass series printer to Windows and Mac. Combing the steps for both Windows and Mac because they are the same.

  • Begin by connecting your system to the wireless network, the same network that you have connected your printer with. Ensure that your router is on and available.
  • Press the power button after which the main source will be lit.
  • Press “Menu” button and select “Network Settings” and hit “Ok”.Thereafter choose “Wireless LAN settings” and press “OK”.

network settings

network settings

  • Here press “SSID settings” from the printer’s screen and select Access point and press Ok.

SSID Settings

  • Now whole available list of networks will be available, choose your network, and hit “OK”.Thereafter as asked enter your network password.

select network

  • Once entered the password highlight “Apply” options and press ok.

select password

  • Select “Yes” when asked if you wish to connect via new settings that will take another few minutes.
  • Now return to the main screen by pressing the “Copy Scan” button.

Copy Scan button

  • Install the software by visiting the Canon website by typing in the browser’s URL.
  • From the canon website, page select the model name of your printer i.e Canon ImageClass series printer, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Now visit the downloaded folder and open the recent downloaded Canon file . Thereafter click “Next” to start the installation process.
  • Here at this step the “License Agreement” screen will appear. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement and click “Yes” if you agree to all of them.
  • Select “Network Connection” and click “Next”.Thereafter software will search for your device, select your model name from the given list and click “Next”.

select network

  • In continuation of the above step select driver you wish to install and hit “Next”.Thereafter confirm the name of your Canon printer and hit “Next”.

confirm printer

  • Confirm the name of your settings and click “Start” to begin the installation.
  • Here a screen will appear informing that your Driver is successfully installed which might take a few minutes.

Hope the writeup helped you in the best possible way!

Setup On MAC

  • By Following the to make contention with Wireless network next
  • At the time of Installation MAC will need Installer User name & Password Type these credentials and follow the on screen instruction and finish driver setup
  • Now Go to the Apple Menu Click ‘System and Preference’>Select Printer & Scanners.

system and preference

printer and scanner

  • Hit on + Sign and click  add printer, from another prompt windows choose you model and click on add button.

add button

  • Once it added will appear on left panel.


  • You have successfully setup canon ImageClass series printer on MAC further more information you can see the video as already mention here above.
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