Detailed Guide for Canon Printer Troubleshooting

An Effectual Guide to Troubleshoot Problems Of Canon Printer

The present guide will be help you in case of any issue you come across in Canon printer.

Canon printer has many advanced printing function such as copy or scan services However, many times these functions come across technical problems.

Therefore, in this article we have explained simple and easy to perform troubleshooting steps for Canon printer problems.

Steps To Check For 'Canon Printer won't Print' Problem

Troubleshooting steps to perform if your Canon printer refuses to print anything.

This first section of the write up talks about the fixes that can be undertaken if the Canon printer refuses to respond. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • First and foremost, reboot your network connection: Before any other fix, this simple step can solve the issue. To do the same, first of all, ensure that your printer is properly connected to the same wireless network as the computer. In case of a wired connection, make sure that the cable is properly connected. Thereafter, restart your printer and then restart your network connection. To perform the same plug the power cable out of the router/modem.
  • Launch the Printer troubleshooter: To launch the Canon printer’s troubleshooter to resolve the error, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1.  First of all, open the “Run” box by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and “R” button. Thereafter, type”control.exe/name Microsoft. Troubleshooting in the Run box which will open Windows Troubleshoot.

open run box


2. Click on the “Printer” option in the Troubleshoot window that opens. Thereafter, click on “Run the Troubleshooter”.

Click on the “Print” option in the Troubleshoot window

3. Here, wait patiently till the troubleshooter detects the issue. In case of any issue is spotted, the user will be asked if he would want to follow the repair strategies. If you would want to follow the strategies, click on “Apply this fix” and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. Now finally restart your computer to see if the problem gets resolved.

  • Disable the 3rd party firewall or security software: Sometimes the 3rd party firewall or security software leads to the issue in the functioning of the printer. To disable the same, follow the easy steps below:

1.  As the first step, open the Run box by pressing the “Windows” key and “R” simultaneously.

2. Now type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box and hit enter.


3. From the ‘Programs and Features’ windows that will open, locate the 3rd party application and right-click on it.

4. Choose “Uninstall” to remove the selected application from the system.

  • Uninstall the Canon drivers: To uninstall the Canon drivers, follow the steps below –

1.  As the first step, open the Run box by pressing the Windows key and “R” simultaneously.

2. Now type,” DELDRV64.EXE” and hit enter to open the Canon’s uninstaller. Thereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to remove the driver from the system and restart your computer.


2. Now on your printer, enter the WEP key password of your wireless network. Also, make sure your printer is properly connected to the network that you are using.

3. Visit the Canon’s official website and download the right printer driver matching your OS version.

4. Here in this step, open the installer of the printer driver and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.

5. As the last step, restart your computer and see if the issue gets resolved.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Shows Offline Message

Troubleshooting steps to perform to change the status of your Canon printer from “Offline” to “Online”.

  • Previous stuck commands in the queue may result in the Offline status: The most likely reason leading to the offline status is the previous stuck commands in the queue. As a solution to this issue cancel all the former printing command traffic and restart the printer afresh.
  • Remove and reinstall the printing machine: If the above-mentioned steps don’t work try removing your system and reinstalling it. To perform the removal of the system, open “Drivers and Devices” from the start option and right-click on your printer model and select “Remove’. Also in order to reinstall the same connect the printer to your computer and with the USB cable and turn it on.

remove device

  • Check for any automated offline commands!

Sometimes the offline and pause printing commands are activated automatically impeding the printing function. Therefore in the aforementioned steps, we have mentioned the way to turn off such automated commands, scroll down, and read on.

1.  Look for the “Devices and Printers” option from the Windows button and select it. Thereafter select the icon of your installed printer from the next page.

device and printer

2. Right-click on the icon and click “See what’s printing”.

see what's printing canon printer

3. On the upper left corner of the next page click on the “Printer” menu, and click to remove any checkmarks next to “Pause printing” or “Use printer offline” options.

uncheck use printer offline canon

Check For Spooler Service -Stop and Re-start Again

Another way to troubleshoot Canon printer problem is to make sure that the spooler service is working fine.

The best way to fix the non-responding printer spooler is by restarting it. Here are the steps to help you with the same.

  • Open “Services” from the “Start” menu.


  • On the “Services” screen, select and right-click on the “Print Spooler” option and click on “Restart” or else click on “Start” if the Restart option is not available for you to select.

select print spooler

start print spooler

  • Again right-click on the “Print Spooler” option and select “Properties” and on the subsequent screen, select its Startup type to be “Automatic”. Now select “OK” to save the settings you just made.

select print spooler properties

print spooler select start type automatic

  • As the last step of this method, restart your printing device. Now your printer ‘Offline’ status will be changed to ‘Online’.

Troubleshooting Steps in Case of Canon Printer Jam Error

Here are the steps a user can perform to troubleshoot the Canon printer paper jam error.

  • Begin by turning off the machine and unplugging it.
  • Open the paper output cover and remove any paper or a paper piece in the cassette if any. Be cautious that you do not touch the clear film.

open canon printer paper output cover

  • Here check if the paper is stuck under the fine cartridge holder. If yes then fine cartridge holder to the far right or left whichever is easier to move the paper. While moving the fine cartridge holder carefully hold the top of the fine cartridge holder and slide it slowly towards far right or left.
  • Now hold the jammed/stuck paper firmly in both hands. However, if the paper is rolled up pull it out carefully without tearing it.

hold the stuck paper firmly in both hands in canon printer

  • Ensure that while taking out the stuck/jammed paper no piece of the paper remains in the machine.
  • Lastly, close paper output covers and reload the paper afresh.

Conclusion: Hope the above steps helped you in fixing your Canon printer problem. However, if the problem still persists, contact the Canon service center and seek a professional repair.

Error codes in Canon printer & Ways to Resolve it

Many times while operating the Canon printer, users face error codes issues. These may be due to multiple reasons as listed here and in the above part of the writeup such as:

  • Network issue
  • The issue with the printer driver
  • Obsolete drivers.
  • Faulty printer spooler
  • Paper jam
  • Low ink in the ink cartridge
  • If ink absorber becomes almost full

To resolve low ink in the ink cartridge replace the ink cartridge. To continue printing reset your printer for a few seconds.

Replace the ink absorber to resolve the issue of ink absorber becoming full.

Hope that was a worthwhile Canon printer troubleshooting guide for you. Keep reading and supporting our page.

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