Troubleshooting Canon Printer Offline Problem

Know about the Canon printer offline issue

This write up deals with “Canon printer Offline” issues and its fixes. The printer’s “Offline” problem is one that is faced by every user at least once while using their printers. Therefore this write up will definitely lend you a helping hand in finding causes and solutions to fix this issue.

Causes and solutions - Canon printers Goes Offline

Here we will be looking one by one at the causes with their solutions that will rectify the issue of Canon printer Offline error. Let’s begin!

Spooler server problem: Spooler server problem may also lead to the Canon printer says Offline issue.

Here are the steps to restart the print spooler. Take a quick read!

  • Open “Services” from the  “Start” menu or Go to the windows search and open the “Run” dialog box and type “services.msc” and hit enter to open the service window.

windows search

control panel service

  • Once the services window is opened, select and right-click on the “Print Spooler” option and click on “Restart” or else click on “Start” option if the “Restart” option is not present.

restart spooler service


  • Again go to the service windows and right-click on the “Print Spooler” & select “Properties” and on the subsequent screen, select its Startup type to be “Automatic”. Lastly select “OK” to save the settings you just made.

select automatic

  • As the last step of this method, restart your printing device and now your ‘Offline’ status would probably have been changed to ‘Online’.

If “Use printer Offline” status is enabled: Sometimes the offline and pause printing commands are activated automatically impeding the printing function.

In the aforementioned steps, we have mentioned the way to turn off such automated commands and cancel unfurnished print jobs.

  • From the window button, look for Control Panel>Devices and Printers and select it.

control panel

device and printer

  • From the next page, choose the icon of your installed printer.
  • Right-click on the Printer icon and click “See what’s printing”.


  • On the upper left corner of the next page click on the “Printer” menu and click to remove any check marks next to “Pause printing” or “Use printer offline” option.

use printer offline

  • Hit on the Printer again and this time click  on ‘Cancel All Documents’.

cancel all print jobs

  • Now, try to print test page to check if printing are OK.
  • So by using the above mentioned steps you can fix ‘Canon printer goes offline’ problem in a easy and simplified manner.

If the printer is not set as “Default”: Change the printer settings and set it as “Default” printer. These steps will guide you through the procedure:

  • Begin by navigating to your Printers window by opening the “Control Panel”.

control panel

  • Go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ section

device and printer

  • Here, ensure that the correct printer is set to “Default”. The default printer will appear with a Green check mark on it.
  • If not set as default printer, choose the option from drop down menu “Set as default printer”.

set as default

  • Now you need to restart your printer and your offline problem will be resolved with Canon printer

Driver installation/Outdated driver problem: An outdated driver may also lead to ‘Canon printer keeps going Offline’ error. These steps will help you to reinstall a fresh driver and carry on with your normal printing functions.

  • As the first step of the procedure, go to “Settings” and then “Printers” and select the printer.
  • Secondly, right-click on your given printer and choose the “Properties” option.
  • Select the “Driver” button generally present under the “General” or “Details” option and proceed to the next step.
  • Here, you would be required to download the driver from your Hp printer’s official website.
  • Reinstall your printer and under printer in the settings menu, select your printer.
  • Now from the menu delete your printer option and reinstall it again using the “Add a printer” wizard.

Another Way to Update Canon Printer Driver:

  • Go to the ‘Run’ dialog box and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and hit enter to open the device management window.


  • Expand the ‘Print Queue’ in ‘Device Manager’ window & look for your Canon printer.


  • Select your printer and right click on it to select the option of ‘update driver’ from drop-down menu


  • From the next appearing window, select ‘Search automatically option’ to update your driver

So now your ‘Canon printer is offline’ problem on Windows will be resolved.

Paper jam issue: Paper jam issue also may lead to “Canon Printer Shows Offline” error.

Follow the below-given steps to fix the paper jam issue:

  • Begin by turning off the machine and unplugging it.
  • Open the paper output cover and remove any paper or paper pieces from the cassette. Be cautious that you do not touch the clear film.
  • Here, check if the paper is stuck under the fine cartridge holder. If yes then move fine cartridge holder to the far right or left whichever is easier to move the paper.
  • Now hold the jammed/stuck paper firmly in both hands. However, if the paper is rolled up pull it out carefully without tearing it.
  • Ensure that while taking out the stuck/jammed paper, no piece of the paper remains in the machine.
  • Lastly, close paper output covers and reload the paper afresh.

Due to printer sleep mode: Printer’s activated sleep mode may also lead to the “Canon prinyer says Offline” issue.

Get your Canon printer out of sleep mode by pressing the “Start” and “Options” key simultaneously.

The screen will show the “Sleep mode” message as ON. Press the up or down key to turn off the sleep mode.

Slow network connectivity problem: Slow network connectivity also leads to an “Offline” error many times.

Reach out to your internet service provider to check your internet connection and fix the connectivity issue if any.


The next section here has been written to help our readers with quick answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Canon printer is offline issue. Take a quick read!

Ans. In addition to the steps mentioned above in the writeup you can also resort to following these three simple steps:

  • Restart the “Print Spooler” and set “Automatic” as its Startup type.
  • From “Devices and printers” disable Canon printers and reinstall it again.
  • Go to “Devices and printers” and cancel all the pending printer documents from “See what’s printing”.

Ans. There are many ways explained above to fix the printer “Offline” error. Another simple and effective way to fix the issue is given here:

  • Visit the “Control Panel” option on your desktop and drop down the “Hardware and Sound” tab.
  • Right click on “Devices and printers”.
  • Scroll down the “Printer” tab after choosing “See what’s printing”.
  • Click and select “See what’s printing”. Thereafter go back to the “Printer “ tab and hit click on “Cancel all documents”.
  • Lastly open the document that you wished to print and once again give the print command.

Ans. As mentioned in the writeup above, there are various possibilities leading to the printer offline error. However, the first and foremost thing to check is the internet connection.

Ans. Printer status can be changed from ‘Offline” to “Online” by turning the printer status ‘Online”.

  • Press the ‘Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously to open the ‘Run” box.
  • In the “Open” box enter “devmgmt.msc” and hit the “OK” button.
  • Visit “Network Adapters” and scroll down to “Print queues”.Right-click on the same and left-click on “Uninstall Device”.
  • Download the recent version of your printer model from the Canon official website.
  • Run and install the application after which printer status will display “Online”.

Ans. An offline error means that your Canon printer model is unable to connect/communicate with your system and thus fail to take any of its commands.

Ans. There are various reasons that may lead to an unresponsive Canon printer. However, the most probable ones are:

  • Wrong installation of Canon printer.
  • If the Canon printer is not properly connected to the internet router or modem.
  • If the Canon printer is not connected with the same router and modem.

Ans Follow the below-mentioned steps to bring back your Canon printer online with Windows 10:

  • First of all check the wifi connection of your printer.
  • Ensure that your system with Windows 10 is connected to the same network as your printer.
  • Reboot your Canon printer then internet router and modem and thirdly your system.
  • As the last step open all the devices and give printing command to your Canon printer to check its working status.

Hope the writeup has been successful in assisting you with Canon printer offline issue, its causes, and the appropriate fixes to troubleshoot the same.

Keep checking out this space to stay up to date with the latest tech information.

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